Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette

So here goes my first blog post! I decided to do a swatch of all the shadows in the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette. I wanted this palette the second I heard about it, so I put my name down on the waiting list at Urban Decay and when I finally got an email to say it was out, I swear to God it had sold out in under 30 minutes, seems like everyone else and her pooch had the same idea as me.

So I went shopping in the January sales and thought I’d see if I could get this on my trip but everywhere I went had sold out of it too! I finally managed to get it on, I think it was the House of Fraser website and I’m so glad I didn’t give up on it. It’s beautiful.

The outside of the packaging is so different to anything else that’s out at the moment, it’s simple yet funky at the same time, it’s very classy and looks like something that should be in a modern art museum, anyway onto the actual eyeshadows.

I’m going to go through these a row at a time so you can see and compare how the shadows look in the palette compared to on the skin. I’ve got Urban Decay’s description of the colours which I’ll pop in italics and I’ll add my two pence worth next to that :)

So, on the top row we have:

Blonde - a pale beige with a pink iridescent shift, this is beautiful, it doesn’t really look pink in the pan but on the skin you can really see the pink and the iridescence, unfortunately, the lighting in my room when I took this, really doesn’t bring out the pink like it should have, it almost has a blueness in certain angles.

Bathwater – a pale beige with gold pearl, this is a really pale gold, it’s very light but shimmery.

Skimp – a pale nude satin, this has a slight iridescence in the pan but looks pretty matte on the skin, and it’s very light, would make a good brow highlight.

Steady – a medium rose with metallic gold shift, this is another shimmery one and looks more pink in the pan but a bit more coppery on the skin.

Punk – a reddish brown matte, gorgeous deep colour for the outer corner of the eye, I don’t know if you can tell from my photo, but this looks like is has a deep purple in there too when it’s on the skin.

Then we have the middle row:

Baby – a cool metallic rose, another shimmery one, looks mauve in the pan but much pinker on the skin

Anaheim – a light taupe-brown matte, this has a gorgeous almost chocolatey feel about it when swatched, I think this would actually make a great contour colour!

Stark – a nude-pink matte, on the skin this looks a little peachier and is the perfect transition shade for me anyway, it blends so well into my natural eyelid colour, it’s the perfect base for any eye look

Zone - a medium brown matte, this is a really pigmented deep brown, you don’t need much of this on your brush, I can’t help but describe this as a dog poopy colour but in the best possible way! I think poop colours make great eyeshadow colours!

Serious – a smoky grey with iridescent floating pearl, if you look closely in the pan this looks like it has pink and gold flecks in it but you hardly see them when on the skin.

And finally, the bottom row, which, not gonna lie, has the two colours that were the reason I bought this palette – Danger and 1987

Pop – a pale coral with iridescent sparkle, I would call this a glittery shadow, you can feel the glittery bits on your finger when you touch this one, this is a nice coral with silver flecks in there, but these glittery bits make it look less pigmented on the skin, almost like it’s just the glitter that’s there so looks more patchy in the photo.

Harajuku – a metallic blue-pink with iridescent micro-shimmer, ooh this is pink! And stays that pink when it’s on the skin too.

Danger – a deep metallic royal blue with blue micro-sparkle, this is the first reason I wanted this palette so badly! This shimmery blue is a gorgeous deep blue with an almost black undertone, and when you turn the blue shimmer moves and is so beautiful.

1987 – a bright metallic yellow-gold, the second reason I wanted this palette! This is definitely a yellow gold, very yellow, although I’d say a pale yellow, I was hoping it’d be more gold gold, when I got it, but it’s not, it’s very much yellow, but still beautiful J

Blackout – a blackest black matte, wowzers! This is the blackest black ever! It comes out much darker than it looks in the pan. It feels like velvet when you touch it, it’s super pigmented and so soft and well, velvety! Do you remember using those sticks of charcoal in art class? Well, it’s pretty much that in a pan! 

All of these colours are so pigmented and have a great colour payoff, the only one that I would say isn’t as much, is Pop, the glittery one, but that’s ok, it’s still a great colour. Would I have preferred a plain matte or shimmer in that coral colour? Personally yes, but all the other colours are soooooo good I can deal with that!  

My overall verdict is that this is a fantastic palette, great colour selections, and great formulas they all feel so creamy and soft (even Pop with the glittery chunks in it) and although I bought this for the brighter colours, I actually love the matte nudes more now that I’ve used them. I’ve not used Blackout yet because quite frankly, it scares the freaking hell out of me! It’s so black and pigmented, I would mess it up for sure! I’m no makeup artist but one day I’ll get round to having a play with it and hopefully won’t look like I’ve been beaten up, haha!

But if you’re more confident than me, you’re gonna love this, I know everyone says they struggle to find a good black, so I’m telling you, here it is. 

The retail price for this is £40 and you can get it from Urban Decay, House of Fraser, and Debenhams to name a few.

So that’s the end of my first review, I hope you found the swatches and comments helpful. I’d love any feedback or comments that you have, please leave them below or you can contact me via email on my contact page.

See you in my next post, which should be up next weekend :)