My Perfect Nude Lipstick

Oh my God. I’m so excited about this lipstick I struggled to contain myself and wait to post this blog! I have spent so much time and so much money on trying out various nude lipsticks, trying to find that ONE perfect shade. And I’ve finally found it by Makeup Revolution! (fanfare yey!)

The shade is called ‘The One’ (pretty perfectly named I think!). I bought this along with a bunch of other colours to do a review on the Makeup Revolution lipsticks. But when I tried this colour I just had to tell you all about it, so I’ve dedicated this entire post to this one colour, (I’ll post up my review with the other colours later on, I promise).

But let’s talk about The One some more :)

As I said, I’ve tried so many others and they’ve been ok, but you just know something is missing. The One isn’t too light, which I found a lot were and I’d look washed out when I used them, others were too brown, or too pink, but this shade isn’t any of that, it truly is my lips, but better!

And do you want to know the best part, it was £1.00. Yep, one freaking pound! Your jaw just dropped didn’t it? Mine too. When I saw these were £1.00, I thought they might be nice colours but probably wouldn’t last very long and would be really sheer. But I love the formula of these, they’re really creamy and glide on so smoothly, and they last as long as any cremesheen you’d get from MAC. I find I have to apply those every hour or 2 and I’d say the same for these Makeup Revolution ones, but that’s no big deal, especially as this one in particular is an everyday shade. I might not be so laid back about that if it were a bright red as that’s more noticeable when it fades. But even when this colour starts to wear off, it still leaves a kind of velvety sheen on your lips, it’s hard to describe but it looks natural but with something extra special, a little extra dimension.

I love, love, love this lipstick, it feels so nice and moisturising on my lips, and smells a bit like Parma Violets. You remember those purple sweets??

The verdict: The One is THE one! (for me anyway!)

For those of you in the UK, you can purchase Makeup Revolution from Superdrug and Makeup Revolution’s website ships all over I believe :)

Added bonus, they do a matching lip pencil called The One too.