Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer & Rockateur Blush

Let’s start with the packaging. I absolutely love Benefit’s packaging. It’s so different and quirky. Both the bronzer and the blushes all come in a little box with its unique design on the front. Inside they open up to reveal a mirror in the lid and a little brush which lays on top of a plastic divider to keep everything clean. And under that lies the product.

When you close the box you can hear that satisfying sound of the magnets pulling it shut so you know it’s not going to come open in your bag. And if you’re anything like me and have a huge handbag these will fit in just fine, they aren’t going to fit in your makeup bag though as they’re pretty chunky as they’re box shaped, but I love the box shape so that’s not a problem. I got a sample size of Hoola in a Christmas pack so that goes in my makeup bag while the big one stays on my dressing table.


As I was just saying, I have the sample size of this and I got that first and decided I loved it, so went straight out and bought the full size! I’m so glad I did as I use this every single day.

I don’t use it as a bronzer though, I use it to contour, as it’s the perfect colour for contouring. It’s not too cool and it’s not too warm, it’s the perfect shade to create a soft shadow and to add a bit of depth. And it’s completely matte, there’s no shimmer in it at all.

Hoola also doesn’t smell of anything, which is a bit upsetting as Rockateur has a nice scent, but then, I’d rather it didn’t smell of anything than smelt awful!

The brush that comes with it is really good for contouring as the shape is great to get that straight chiselled look, plus this blends out too if you want to go for a softer contour. This is also buildable, the swatch below on the left is a few layers and the one on the right is just one layer.

I’d been wanting to try this blusher for ages as it looked so pretty. And by boyfriend FINALLY got the hint and got it for me for Christmas! I’ll be honest, I thought it was made up of a few colours from the pictures I’d seen of it, but it is all one, coloured powder. It does have shimmer in it, which makes the light reflect off of it look like it is different colours.

Reading about Rockateur, it’s actually made up of baked, powder, cream and fluid textures to give it a brightness and more colour payoff. This feels really creamy and soft when you swatch it and has a pleasant flowery scent to it. This comes with a brush too which is like the Hoola brush but tapered at the edges so you can sweep this onto your cheeks perfectly.

Rockateur again is a buildable powder, and you don’t need much of it. This gives a beautiful flush to the skin and almost looks like you’re glowing, you could get away without using a highlighter with this, it’s not shimmery, but it is glowy. (I still use a highlighter with it, but that’s because, highlighting is my favourite bit!)

Below on the left is a few layers of Rockateur and on the right is just one layer, so you can see you really don’t need a lot for a nice flush of colour, but you can build it up to a nice deeper shade if you want to.

I love both of these and use them pretty much every day, highly recommend trying these out and they last well too. I would say I find Rockateur lasts longer on me than Hoola does, but that seems to be the case with me and blushes, I think it’s because I’m always leaning my cheeks on my hands at work so it rubs off! Lol

These both retail at £23.50 and you can get these from Debenhams and Boots to name a few if you are in the UK.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed. See you soon in my next post :)