Makeup Revolution Ultra Strobe Balm

I was so excited about getting these. I knew I needed them as soon as I saw them advertised! They are a cream highlight and come in a really cute compact, which I like, as it’s different to other cream highlighters that came in stick form or as a liquid. These have no scent, but I quite like the fact they don’t, because they look white at first glance, the ‘no scent’ kind of adds to the clean look to these.

There are two colours; Hypnotic, which is the golden one and Euphoria, which is the pink one. When you see them in the packaging they both look almost identical and white. It’s not until you open them up and move them around in the light that you truly see the gorgeous shimmery colour shine through.

As you can see in the photos here, they have so many different colour levels depending on the angle of the light, in some photos they look very pale whilst in others they are bright gold and bright pink! Don’t worry though, they don’t look that bright on your face!

I dab these on my cheek bones with my finger (who am I kidding, I dabbed this over my entire face with my finger! Cheeks, nose, cupids bow, temples, brow bone, forehead…. you get my drift) anyway, you can apply a really light layer and it blends into the skin really easily so it doesn’t leave a harsh line, which can happen when liquid highlighters dry too fast. So you can get a nice sheer finish or you can build up the highlight and make the high points of your face really glow, even when you do this though you can still make it blend in seamlessly.

Top image it a light-ish layer, the bottom image is a lot more layers!

The Ultra Strobe Balm is a great product and at £5 each, these cream highlighters are going to last you ages too, because these compacts are quite big you get a lot of product. And they look so pretty, I love how the packaging is a see through lid so the product can shine through where ever you go!

After I did the swatches for these photos I rubbed it all into my arm and it was soooo pretty you can definitely mix the two colours together and I’ve not tried it yet, but the gorgeous sheen it left on my arm looked like it could be used underneath foundation to give an all over radiance.

These can be purchased from Makeup Revolution and Superdrug.

Makeup Revolution are currently offering 20% off any purchase of £30. Just enter code: REVOLUTIONLEAP at the checkout. This offer ends 12pm Tuesday 1st March, so you don't have long. But this is a great time to get these if you are after them!

Happy shopping fellow beauties! Muah :)