Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Out of all the lip products out there, I would have to say that liquid lipsticks are by far my favourite. They made it big in 2015 and seem to still be going strong (thank the heavens). For so long I’d wanted a lip colour that would last all day. I get so frustrated when you put on a lipstick and the colour is beautiful then you have a drink and it’s all stuck to the glass and disappeared from your lips. 

So the discovery of liquid lipsticks has been my saving grace! The first one I tried was the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick and I love them! But you can’t get them easily over here in the UK so when I saw that Beauty Bay had started selling Gerard Cosmetics over here I got very excited and ordered a load of their ones to try. 

And boy am I glad I did! These bad boys are amazing! These are a true liquid, liquid lipstick, I say that as you can get mousse-y formulas of liquid lipsticks, but the Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte ones are a liquid formula. They glide onto your lips smoothly and feel very nice. They do dry matte but they do not feel drying on the lips at all, which I love. I am constantly applying lip balms throughout the day as I suffer from dry lips so the fact that these do not dry out my lips is a massive plus for me. Ooh, and they small like Vimto! 

Another thing I love about this formula is that you can touch your lips (once dry) and there is no colour transfer, it all stays on your lips! Also with some liquid lipsticks you can’t rub your lips together cos it makes the top lip stick to the bottom lip and can peel bits off, well that doesn’t happen with Gerard Cosmetics, and you can add a second or third layer of colour anytime throughout the day and it goes on smoothly, it doesn’t flake off or stick to the underlying product and pull it off. 

If you touch the product on your lips it feels soft, smooth and hydrated. The colours don’t fade either, the only place I feel I need to top up halfway through the day is the inner part of the lips from where I lick them, you know, the bit that gets called the ‘butthole’ when you’re wearing really dark colours and you pout and you can see a lighter coloured ring on the inside lol 

Anyway, onto the colours that I have! Starting from the left (because starting from the right would be weird!) is Aphrodite. This is a bright nude with a light coral through it, this is quite bright on me although it is a light colour. 

Next is Serenity, this was a collaboration with the fantastic Manny MUA from YouTube, I’ve seen pictures of this on other people and it looked different on everyone! I was hoping it would be a lighter pink on me but it turned out quite a red pink on me, which is a shame but it’s still a great colour that I use a lot for daytime looks! 

Now, Invasion is my newest one, I’ve not really worn this yet, I tried it on and I’m not sure about it, it’s a mauve-y purple but there’s a cool grey undertone to it that makes me looked washed out. It looks nice in these pics though so I’m definitely going to give it another go. 

Next is Ecstasy, which is one of my faves, now I know you’re going to say they look very similar so how can I not like Invasion but love Ecstasy?! Well, the photo doesn’t show it that well but Ecstasy is much darker than Invasion, you can see that it has slightly less of the cool undertone to it too. I’ve never been drawn to purple lip colours simply because I thought they didn’t suit me but I love this for a more dramatic look for the evening, especially since I’ve gone blonde. I find it very sophisticated, with a bit of an edge. 

Finally, my favourite, Mercury Rising. Look how bright this is! I’ve been after an orange red for ages and struggled to find the shade I was looking for, and this came pretty darn close! The others I’ve tried were either too orange or too red, but I think this is the perfect combination of the two, and the name, Mercury Rising, is perfect! 

And because I love it so much here’s a sneaky pic of me wearing it, excuse the rest of the makeup it was a long end to the day and it’s all worn off! Lol and I can hear you all saying I don’t look blonde, trust me I am, I just have the grown out blonde look ;) 


And lastly just to show you how well these colours last, this is my arm after I’d cleaned it with a makeup wipe, and I scrubbed it so hard with that makeup wipe if took off some of my self-tan! Lol 

If you are in the UK, you can purchase these from Beauty Bay and they are £9.50 which is a pretty good price for the quality you get. 

I hope you found this review helpful. Let me know if you’ve tried these liquid lipsticks or any of the other lip products from Gerard Cosmetics, as I’d love to hear your thoughts on them too :)

Thank you for visiting my blog and remember, it’s all for the love of makeup.