Colourpop Ultra Satin & Matte Liquid Lipsticks

As some of you know I recently received my order from Colourpop in the US, needless to say I was very excited, I got a lot of stuff so I’m splitting my haul into 2 separate blogs. This first one will be swatches of the Ultra Satin and Ultra Matte liquid lipsticks that I got. 

I got 2 of the satin ones and 6 of the matte ones, on application, the satin ones go on much easier, they glide on more smoothly, a bit like the Gerard Cosmetics ones I recently wrote about. The matte ones, however felt like they dragged more over the lips, although they did not feel dry at all, once on the lips.  

Both of these wear well and last hours and hours, you can rub your lips together and nothing sticks, and you can apply more layers without any flaking. 

The Matte ones are matte, not drying on the lips but they also don’t smudge at all, the Satin ones, however will smudge if you rub them. If you drink they will leave colour on your glass BUT, the good thing is that the colour also stays on your lips as well so although they leave a residue the colour doesn’t transfer off of your lips.  

I went out for a meal wearing Bumble, one of the matte ones and it lasted all night, I just needed to touch up the centre where I’d been licking my lips (same as the Gerard Cosmetics ones). 

Smell wise, these don’t have much of a smell, but if you really sniff hard they smell a bit like paint, could be worse! Of course you can’t smell this when it’s on your lips so no biggy. 

Now for the swatches!

 Sorry for the blurriness of this pic! Took so many and this was the best one lol

Sorry for the blurriness of this pic! Took so many and this was the best one lol

First up is Marshmallow, a Satin. I never thought I could wear a colour like this, it’s a lilac, but I love this colour! I recently dyed my hair silver and it matches the colour at the roots! It’s a light cool toned lilac with blue undertones, so probably not an everyday lip colour, but great if you want to funk things up a little.


Next is Echo Park another Satin. I saw this on Kathleenlights and it looked so nice on her. It’s a bit darker on me though. I’d call this a rosy, coral-nude.


On to the Mattes. First up is Kapow. This is a dark taupe-brown. It looks a lot lighter and more of a brown nude in the tube, but on the lips it’s really dark and more purple than brown.


Next is Solow, a nice bright, day to day pink. I think this is a great Spring colour, perfect for Easter. Makes me think of all the bright flowers coming into bloom, really like this one.


Next is Beeper. Now the eagle-eyed of you out there, will have noticed it says Satin on the tube of this one, not sure why because it’s definitely a matte! I really struggled applying this one I found it dried really quickly. This one again was darker once on the lips than it appeared in the tube. It’s more taupe-brown than a nude brown which is what I thought it was when I ordered it.


Next is Bumble, this is my favourite at the moment. It went on smoothly, more like the Satin ones for some reason, and the colour is a pinky, orange-red. It’s a very different kind of colour, I don’t have anything like this, which is probably why I love it so much.


Next up is Clueless. This looked like a light nude-pink, but it was a bit more of a mauve-pink once on the lips. I do like this colour a lot though. It goes with my silver hair really well ;)


And lastly, we have Guess. A black. I’d never wear black in a million years, but I saw a photo of Gigi Hadid wearing a matte black lip and it looked so good! So I ordered this one! You have to line your lips and apply such a dark colour with a lip brush in my opinion, as you need the lines to be perfect. I didn’t. I used the wand as you can probably tell, this was another one that was quite difficult to apply. It is a black but has a slight purple undertone which you can see in some lights. Still not sure that I’m brave enough to wear this in public but I do quite like it!


Overall verdict; I love these! I would say to order a shade lighter than you are looking for, as most tend to come out darker than you think they are going to. I can’t tell a difference in the appearance of the Satins and the Mattes, the only difference I’d say is the application is nicer and smoother with the satins. But they will leave a lipstick mark on anything they touch, and will do throughout the day. 

Here is a picture where I’ve dragged my finger across all the swatches. You can see the mattes don’t budge, but the Satins do, just to show you.

Now the best bit. These only cost $6 which works out to just over £4! I honestly don’t know how such a great product can be made for such little money. These really are amazing quality for the price you pay. So I don’t mind that they don’t smell of candy floss and the Mattes drag a teeny bit on application, they last all freaking day and the colours are so pigmented! 

The only downside is that they don’t supply this in the UK yet. But I hear Colourpop are working on this :)

Oh on a side note, these were really hard to take off with a makeup wipe! Including the Satins! Ooh, my lips were raw doing these lip swatches! I definitely advise using an oil based makeup remover, makes it much easier and painless lol.

Here’s what was left on my arm after scrubbing with a makeup wipe! 


Thank you for reading, I hope you found this helpful. Please let me know, and watch this space for part 2 of my Colourpop haul!

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