My favourite makeup brushes for foundation


For a long time I used the standard flat foundation brushes and because I didn't know any better thought they worked just fine, but really if I think back, they would drag the foundation and leave streaks from the brush marks as you can't really blend in very easily with them due to their shape. 

Then I discovered Jaclyn Hill on YouTube. Jaclyn was the first YouTuber I started watching religiously, I can't say enough good things about her channel, she's a makeup artist with a love for all things makeup and she's fantastic to watch and gives great advice. 

It was Jaclyn that convinced me to try the Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki brush. It feels so nice and soft when it's against your skin and because it's flat it applies the foundation evenly and you can really get in there and blend it all out. 

It was a little difficult to get hold of back when I got mine as it's from the USA but recently more and more American brands are becoming available over here which is great news! I’ll list some links below for Sigma brushes. 

I loved this brush so much as you can get right in there with it and blend out the foundation without any streaks, I used it every day for about a year. Then more recently I found my hand would ache after I’d done about half of my face and I think it's because I have really small hands and was finding the handle too wide. So one day I was perusing the makeup aisle in Boots on my lunch break, as you do, and came across the EcoTools Stippling brush, which looked different to other brushes I’d seen so was intrigued, and therefore had to get it and give it a go and oh my days, I fell in love with it the first time I used it. 

It’s a duo fiber brush with a more rounded head to it, it’s really dense in the middle then the duo fibers splay out at the ends and create a softer feel. This is so good for applying foundation and gives a lighter finish, a bit like the beauty blender it leaves less product on the face, giving a more natural look. 

Plus the handle is the perfect size for me, it’s fatter near the bristles and tapers out at the end and is a lot lighter than the Sigma F80. It’s great for cream productsfoundation, cream blushes, and I want to try this to blend out a cream contour but waiting to get the Anastasia Cream Contour kit so might do a review on that for you when I get it ;) 

All in all, they are both great brushes, in my opinion, the Sigma F80 is better for something more full coverage and the EcoTools Stippling brush is better for an everyday more natural finish. 

I got my Sigma F80 from Amazon and it’s currently on there for £18.80, also sell this now and they are £18.50 on there. 

The Ecotools Stippling brush can be purchased from Boots and Superdrug and it’s a mere £7.99 (that’s less than half the price of the Sigma brush! AND Superdrug are currently selling this at £5.99!)  

Obviously, if you’re in the USA you can buy these direct from Sigma and EcoTools!