New Brand Alert - Beauty UK Cosmetics

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Hello my lovelies! I want to tell you all about a great new beauty company I came across on twitter. They are called Beauty UK Cosmetics and it was their matte liquid lipsticks that caught my eye (for any of you that have read my other blogs you’ll know I’m a sucker for a matte liquid lippie!)  

Now, not only was it the colour and the finish of these that I liked the look of, but also the price, these are only £3.99 yes, you read that right. How cheap!? I often think if a product is so cheap how can it possibly be that good, but you all know I love Makeup Revolution and they are pretty cheap too. So I thought I’d order a few things and test them out for you (all in the name of research of course!) They got my order to me really fast as well so already in my good books.

So I bought one of the Lips Matter Velvet Matte Lip Cream, a Glacier Gloss lip gloss, Posh Pout tinted lip balm and just for something different a baked blush. As you can see from the picture I was feeling very pink the day I placed my order! Lol

 Left to right: Glacier Gloss, Lips Matter, Posh Pout.

Left to right: Glacier Gloss, Lips Matter, Posh Pout.


Let’s start with the Lips Matter Velvet Matte Lip Cream (£3.99). I got mine in the shade Mauve Your body no. 7 (they have some great names by the way). This one is a vibrant peachy-pink. It’s a mouse formula and glides on nice and smoothly, the applicator is a great shape and makes application easy. This smells of alcohol and cherries! I don’t know how else to describe it! It’s sweet but at the same time, there’s a strong undertone of something which I can only think reminds me of alcohol. It’s not unpleasant though. This lasted pretty much all day, I did have to touch up after eating but only where I lick my lips, and you can easily apply another coat without the product crumbling, which is a must for me. I found this didn’t really transfer either which I love about it. I have nothing bad to say about this other than the colour was brighter than I thought it would be which isn’t a bad thing at all! So for the price, I will 100% be getting more of these!


Next, I chose the Glacier Gloss in the shade Pucker Up Pink no. 7 (£2.99). This is described as an intense colour and high gloss shine. And they didn’t lie! There are many glosses out there and some have washes of colour and some are highly pigmented, I rarely wear a gloss over a lipstick so when I buy a gloss I prefer the highly pigmented ones so this sounded perfect. This is more of a purple-pink and smells of those milk sweets you get, no hint of any alcohol in this one. It’s quite a thick gloss when you first apply it and I had to dip the applicator in a few times to cover my lips how I wanted them, but the colour is gorgeous and you know what? For a gloss, the colour lasted hours! I never expect a gloss to last more than an hour or so, especially if you’re eating and drinking but this really surprised me. I loved this, and I didn’t think I would like it as much as I do, just purely because I don’t go for glosses as they generally don’t last long and the colour isn’t pigmented enough for me. But I am SOLD on this! And it’s £2.99, I can’t get over that! So good!


Next up is the Posh Pout Moisturising Tinted Lip Balm (£2.99). This is in a twist up crayon. Mine is in the shade Would I lilac To You? Another purple-pink colour. This looked more purple on the site but it’s actually a very bright pink on the lips. Again, I didn’t have high hopes for this to colour my lips, from previous tinted tip balms that I have tried. To be honest, I don’t really like tinted lip balms, I find they are wishy-washy in colour and do nothing for me, but these looked cool so I thought I’d try one. OMG it’s pigmented! I love, love this so much! It has a subtle mint smell, reminds me of the spearmint Chewits you used to get, do they still do those? This leaves a nice cooling feel on your lips, but it’s not that tingly sensation. It’s very moisturising and the colour seriously lasts all day. I still top it up, but more because I want the moisture from the balm, than because I need more colour, and in fact, it actually stained my lips after I took it off but only in the cracks. If you have dry flaky bits you will want to scrub them off before using, as this will show the flakes. I want to describe this colour as neon but in a subtle way, if that even makes sense! It’s bright, but in a light pink kinda way. This blew my socks off, it wasn’t anything that I was expecting, it was so much more!


Baked Blush

Lastly, the Baked Blush (£3.99), in the shade No.1 Popsicle Pink. This comes in such cute packaging, it’s a box with a magnetic lid and even has a mirror in there. It’s a good strong magnet too so it’s not going to fall open in your bag. This shade is a rose pink with shimmer in it. It’s a lovely blush, it goes on smoothly and is easy to blend and there’s not too much shimmer that you look glittery, it just gives it a nice flushed glow, and you know what, this lasted all day on me too. You can apply a light wash of colour or build it up to a bright pink so it’s perfect for everyone.

I have nothing but positive things to say about this brand and I highly recommend you give them a go. It’s crazy cheap but the quality is so, so good. I can’t wait to try their other items and also the other lip colours. Keep your eye on these, as I think they’re going somewhere, great products, well done Beauty UK!