Arbonne – Calm Range

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I was recently approached and asked to test out some skin care products from a company called Arbonne. It’s not a company I’d heard of before so I was very excited to see what they did so of course, I said yes. 

After letting them know my skin type – dry and sensitive - I received some sample sized products a couple of days later. I was sent products from their calm range to help with my sensitive skin. While I was waiting for my goodies to arrive I had a look at their website to see what they were all about. Arbonne are a green company using botanically based ingredients, and committing themselves to being Earth-friendly. This is really great to know, and they don’t just do skin care they also do makeup, hair, sunscreen, bath & body products and even nutrition. Oh and not forgetting a skincare range specifically for men and products for baby’s too! So there’s something for everyone to be able to enjoy the safest, natural ingredients in their products and cutting out the chemical ingredients that are often used in beauty products. Click here to see the list of things they promise to formulate their products without.  

Anyway, onto what I have tested out! 

I received a cute little package containing a cleanser, face serum, moisturiser and eye gel, all from their Calm range.


First up, the Gentle Daily Cleanser, it said to use a small amount of this and you really do only need a tiny amount as a little goes a long way, none of these products are perfumed (this makes sense as it’s for sensitive skin, so I don’t know if the other ranges have a nice scent or not).  

I don’t usually use wash off cleansers as I find the water dries out my skin, but this cleanser felt so gentle on skin and instantly made my skin feel soft. So I was very pleased with this result. This retails for £18.00


Next I applied the Soothing Facial Serum. This is supposed to help lock in any moisture and make your skin feel instantly hydrated. I’m not sure it made my skin feel instantly hydrated but it did help the moisturiser to glide on. I never get that hydrated feeling from gels on my face, I have very fussy skin that generally prefers thick moisturisers. This serum dries really quickly so you need a fair amount to cover your face, it did leave my skin feeling soft but still had a little tightness from the water. This retails at £37.00


Next I applied the Gentle Daily Moisturiser. This is a really light moisturiser and rubbed in really easily and smoothly. Not sure it was moisturising enough for me, as I said earlier I prefer the thicker moisturisers, that being said, my face didn’t get any dry or flaky patches which is what would normally happen with a light moisturiser after a wash off cleanser, instead my face did feel very light and fresh. But not as hydrated as I’m used to, maybe I don’t actually need the thick moisturisers and I’ve just convinced myself I do! This retails at £27.00


Lastly I applied the Soothing Eye Gel. This was a Godsend! It is supposed to help reduce puffiness and just the last few weeks I’ve been suffering from really tired, puffy, dry eyes, so I was quite excited to try this. It’s quite a runny gel and you need the tiniest amount, it applied really smoothly and was very soothing and cooling and was easily absorbed into the skin. I put mine in the fridge and it felt so nice when I applied it. I would definitely use this eye gel again, if really made my eyes feel less tight and dry and woke them up and I’d say it actually reduced the puffiness straight away, not completely, but enough to make a big difference! Really liked this product. And the exciting thing about this, is that the full-size version has a roller ball applicator which I love for eye products. This gel retails at £24.00


You can sign up for the Preferred Client Rewards, and save 20% on all products, earn rewards and also get extra goodies! Well worth doing in my opinion!

My favourites out of these samples were the cleanser and the eye gel. I would 100% buy this eye gel again I think it’s amazing! I’m also now intrigued to try their other products out. If you are interested they do a product catalogue for £1.50 which I think is a great idea, I have to say I do love the Avon and Body Shop catalogues you can get, so I like the idea of this! The link for their brochure is here.

These are great products if you are conscious of what you are actually putting on your face as this is the purpose behind this brand, to make them safer and better for us to use, ad I hope more start doing the same. 

Hope you enjoyed, if anyone else has tried this brand let me know your thoughts or if you know of any others trying to cut down on the chemicals used in beauty products do share them with me :)

P.S. Apologies for the photo quality of these pics!