Makeup Revolution Vivid Shimmer Bricks

I was so excited when I got these Shimmer Bricks, as I'd always wanted the Bobbi Brown ones but they were so expensive I never got them. So when I saw these were coming out I was ready to order them as soon as they were on sale. I am a little late posting this blog, but I wanted to wait to try them out before writing about them. 

There are two shimmer bricks, the lighter one is called Radiant and the darker one is called Rose Gold, I always get these the wrong way round as I think the lighter one has more rose gold tones in it and the darker one is more bronze! 

 Makeup Revolution Shimmer Brick in Radiant

Makeup Revolution Shimmer Brick in Radiant

 Makeup Revolution Shimmer Brick in Rose Gold

Makeup Revolution Shimmer Brick in Rose Gold

Right, let’s get onto the swatches!

 Makeup Revolution Shimmer Brick in Radiant swatches

Makeup Revolution Shimmer Brick in Radiant swatches

I’ll start with Radiant, the lighter of the two shimmer bricks. The first five swatches are the individual colours from lightest to darkest and the final super fat swatch on the right, is all the colours mixed together. 

So the first colour is a shimmery white in the pan but on the arm, it comes off more of a pale yellow gold which is really pretty. 

The next shade looks pink in the pan but comes off more peachy on the arm, I did get a little of the lighter shade on this swatch, my fingers are too fat for the individual strips! Lol I really like this colour though. 

The next shade is a gorgeous shimmery brown, this has a peachy undertone to it with gold shimmer, really pretty. 

Next is another pale pink, which has more of a nude undertone than the first one, which has more peach in it (although looking at the colour in the pan, you’d think that was the other way around as this looks more peach and the other more pink in the pan!) 

The last colour is a deep gold brown, similar to the middle shade but a deeper, darker brown.

Lastly is all the colours mixed together which is how it is most likely to look when you use this on your cheeks, it’s very similar to the middle shade but I’d say it’s a little more taupe than the middle one. Really is a beautiful colour though. 

I had a little play around today and not really sure what possessed me to do this but I used the Makeup Revolution’s Ultra Strobe Balm in Euphoria (the pink one) to highlight my cheekbones, then swirled the lighter parts of this shimmer brick over the top and it was gorgeous!  Will definitely be combining these two again! Check out my review of the Ultra Strobe Balms too if you like :)

 Makeup Revolution Shimmer Brick in Rose Gold swatches

Makeup Revolution Shimmer Brick in Rose Gold swatches

Ok, onto shimmer brick number two, Rose Gold, this is the darker one and the lightest shade in this one is pretty much the same is in radiant, possibly a little less yellow, but not that you’d really notice. 

The next shade along is another peachy-pink, looks straight up pink in the pan but the bronzy gold shimmer in this makes it come off with a slightly more peachiness on the arm. 

In the middle is a really intense bronze, it’s far more, scary intense looking in the pan than it is on the arm, it’s a beautiful colour when swatched. 

Next along is a more, red based bronze, again this looks scary bright in the pan but leaves a beautiful colour in the swatch, more of a coppery rose gold. 

The darkest shade in this shimmer brick is a beautiful dark taupe brown, I just love this colour. 

Lastly, all the colours mixed together made a nice bronzy, shimmery brown. 

The differences between the two are that radiant is obviously lighter but it’s also got the cooler undertones where Rose Gold is darker and has the warmer undertones. Rose Gold would look amazing on darker skin tones, it’s a bit too bright to use on myself at the moment but I think would look gorgeous with a tan. 

Something else I have used these for, other than bronzing and shimmering up my cheeks, is as eyeshadows! You can use the individual colours on your lids and they work really well as eyeshadows. They are bright and last all day. They also blend well.  I’ve not tried using them wet or with fix plus but I reckon the bronze colours in Rose Gold would be EPIC if used like that! Hmmm, maybe that’s what I’ll try tomorrow! 

These retail at £3.00 each, yes £3.00! And just for comparison, the Bobbi Brown ones are £33.00!

I highly recommend trying these out, you won't be disappointed! Let me know if you have already and what you thought of them down below, I love hearing from you, and I do reply to everyone :)