Becca Backlight Priming Filter & Make Up Forever Ultra HD Stick Foundation

I thought I’d write about these together because I always use them together as they work so well with one another.

The Becca Backlight Priming Filter is something I’ve wanted to try for ages, I’ve seen YouTubers using it and it looks beautiful. It’s a primer that says it will blur imperfections and give a soft focus glow. I totally agree with these claims. Firstly, the packaging is beautiful! And I love the fact that it comes with a sturdy pump. As for the actual primer, it’s the most gorgeous rose gold when it comes out of the pump and blends in so smoothly leaving a beautiful luminous glow on your skin which you can see radiate as you turn your face in the light. It’s not glittery but truly glowing. If I can’t be bothered to wear a full face of makeup but need something, I will use this on its own to make me look more awake, with a little bit of cream bronzer and it’s just gorgeous. It brightens your complexion and does actually blur your imperfections. It doesn’t hide them, but it diffuses how they look. Giving you an airbrushed look.

In these pictures you can see it as it comes out of the pump, then what it looks like slightly blended in and then fully blended in, you can see the light glowing sheen, that it leaves once blended in.

I love using this underneath my Make Up Forever Ultra HD Stick Foundation, there’s just something really nice about the way they work together. I’m in the shade 123 (Y365) in case you were wondering. It looks too dark when I first apply it from the stick onto my face, but after using the Beauty Blender to buff it out, it’s the perfect shade. I’ve used brushes and the Beauty Blender to apply this and the brush gives fuller coverage but I find looks more of a matt finish on me, so I prefer the beauty blender as it gives more of a satin look and medium coverage. Plus, if you look at the photos below, I have applied the foundation over the Becca primer and also directly onto my skin next to it, in the blended out picture (blended with the Beauty blender) you can see that it blends into my skin tone much nicer and more evenly when it’s on top of the Becca Primer, whereas the foundation directly onto my skin didn’t blend out as nicely and looks too dark. See what I mean about these two working so well together? :)

This is a really creamy foundation and initially feels quite thick when you apply it from the tube, but it blends out so smoothly, it is a medium to full coverage. I can still see my moles through it which I prefer as it looks more like skin rather than a layer of foundation, but you can definitely build this up for a fuller coverage and like I say using a brush gives it a fuller coverage too. And you can see the primer glowing through which I absolutely love! It also isn’t tacky when you touch your face, it just feels like your skin. I have sensitive, dry skin and this never dries my skin out so I think it’s quite moisturising because it is so creamy. 

These two products are currently my go to everyday products I love them so much, they aren’t cheap, but they are worth every penny and I will be purchasing these again when I run out. The only gripe I have with the makeup Forever Stick, is that the lid sometimes comes loose, it makes a lovely secure click when you pop the lid back on but when it bangs against the other products in my drawer it sometimes comes loose. But if that’s my only concern then I think that’s forgivable! 

I had to get my Becca Primer from Sephora in the US which is annoying but the good news is that they do ship to the UK, just it obviously makes it a bit more expensive to get hold of, but I highly recommend doing that, this is an amazing primer! This retails at Sephora at $38 which is around £27. 

I got my HD Stick from Debenhams online for £29.00 I believe the shades beginning with a Y like mine are the yellow based ones and the ones beginning with an R are the pink based ones.

If any of you have used either of these please share your thoughts on them with me below, and if anyone has tried the liquid HD Foundation I'd love to hear what you think about that, as I'd like to try that one too :)

And remember, It's all for the love of makeup :)